Mentorship program

Do you want to have the opportunity to have a female mentor with work experience who can support you in your future career choices? Or do you, who are active in business, want to be inspired by a student and influence future employees in the IT industry?

We at DataTjej believe that networking and sharing experiences between each other is a magical recipe for personal development. That's why together with #addher we created Match and Go and through this new concept we will do our utmost to find a match for you. We match you through our fantastic matching algorithm, but then it is up to you to meet for the next six months and build a relationship. A mentor can do everything from sharing their experiences in the IT industry, be a bulletin board for difficult career choices or why not just discuss exciting IT stuff? An adept (the person who wants to get a mentor) can be inspired, ask lots of questions and give new perspectives on interesting topics to his mentor!

Match & Go has now been completed for the third time and for the first time we got more mentees than mentors! In order to meet a greater number of mentees, this time we have investigated the possibility of digital meetings for those who are in places with fewer mentors per person. The matched couples will now meet continuously between September 2019-January 2020. Together with #addher we continue the initiative and are preparing for a fourth round!

It does not matter how long you have been studying, working or been interested in data / IT to join. This mentorship program is based on mutual desire to get to know a new person in your city who can help and support you on issues you didn't even know you had! You only need to be curious, ambitious and motivated, because once we have found a partner, we pass the responsibility on to you!

The mentoring program is possible at 17 locations around the country; Borlänge, Gävle, Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Karlstad, Linköping, Luleå, Malmö, Skövde, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Umeå, Uppsala, Västerås, Örebro and Örnsköldsvik.

Registration for the Match and Go period September-January is now closed. The registration period closed on 18 August. Matching is ongoing until v. 35 and then e-mail is sent out whether or not you have received a match.

For questions or more information about what happens next, see our FAQ or contact

Quick information about the mentoring program:

  • The program runs over a five month period where the couple should meet at least 4 times
  • During the first meeting, the couple discusses and devises a plan for how the mentorship should work, how often you should meet, what you should discuss and how to communicate, among other things.
  • During the hits you can post a picture on social media and tag DataTjej and #addher as well as the hashtag #matchandgo. We can repost these pictures!
  • In the middle of the mentoring program, we send out an evaluation to check the situation
  • Towards the end of the program, we send out another evaluation and interviews are done
  • When the mentoring program has ended, you can continue to meet with all freedom and continue to tag us and use the hash tag!
  • You canread more about our tips on what you could do during your meetings in "The Handbook for Successful Mentoring"

Q & A

About Match and Go

Being a mentor / adept is extremely educational and we believe that it can both develop you as a person and build a good network for your future! In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to both share your experiences and challenges and get inspired by the other.
How long does the program last?The program runs for 5 months, from mid-September to mid-January, and we look forward to meeting you at least 4 times during these months. It is the responsibility of both to ensure that it is fulfilled. Membership and applications
About being a mentor / adept