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month DataTjej: Fanny Andersson

På svenska below Nominated by Lovisa Åsgården: “Fanny is a fantastic person and inspiration! Today she works as a Stream lead and frontend / web developer at Polestar in Gothenburg. In 2019, she was the only female developer through the Sigmas Young Talent program

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month DataTjej: Anna Montelius

På svenska below Nominated by Christina Dahlén: “So heavenly talented and professional girl! She is studying Software Engineering at Linköping University and will do a dissertation this spring. She is ALWAYS helpful, supportive and gives advice when needed. Think she has

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month DataTjej: Aml Abbas

På svenska below Nominated by Aisha Ugljanin, with the motivation: “Aml is a committed person DataTjej who always helps her students with studies (she studies computer technology at LTH), participates as a volunteer in various projects around Helsingborg and in Hackathons. Aml

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Registration for this spring's Match and Go is open!

New round of the mentorship initiative Match and Go for Sweden's IT women. The female IT networks #addher and DataTjej continues its joint mentorship initiative Match and Go and launches a sixth round in February 2021. The goal is to help Sweden's IT-interested women to

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Match & Go

Together with #addher, Sweden's largest network for women in the IT industry, has DataTjejs created the mentorship initiative Match and Go. The program provides DataTjejs members an opportunity to network and get to know a mentor who can provide advice and guidance. The program is completely free and opens for application twice a year, so do not hesitate to take your chance and apply. Information about when search opens is published on DataTjejs social media, so follow us there for more updates.

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