Tugce Özdeger

Tugce Özdeger

"The best thing is to be able to inspire and let girls realize the opportunities in the IT industry"

What made you apply DataTjejs board?

I liked and was very inspired by DataTjej The conference this year and therefore I wanted to be with another year (formerly one of the business managers) as project manager and create another fantastic conference for both girls and IT companies.

What do you study or work with?

I work as a senior system developer and have a master's degree in computer science from Uppsala University.

What is the best thing about DataTjej?

I think DataTjej is a very well-known brand in Sweden that we can all be proud of. What we stand for is much appreciated by our members and also by IT companies that indicate that we are needed and we are the voice for girls who want to be seen and heard and that is what I love and want to contribute.

What's the most fun thing about your job?

I think it is both fun and at the same time challenging to create smart, functional and stable solutions to make people's daily lives easier so that they can use their precious time for something else. The most fun is to see that users rely on our systems and enjoy working with them.

Other interests:

I have a great interest in spirituality in general. I love yoga and meditation as well as riding a horse and being in nature.