Board 2018 / 2019

Sakura Laura Orihara, 24 year, Stockholm International Business School.

Explain what your post means:
As information manager, I have a responsibility for all our social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram. Partly content, publishing, analysis, campaigns and much more. Collaborates strongly with information manager with graphic profile & gives input & creates cases in that area with.

What are your ambitions with your post?
My ambitions with my post are to raise DataTjej even higher in digital marketing & the social channels, establish us in several of Sweden's cities, but also hope to join & market us globally. Through my education as a digital marketer I hope to put my theoretical knowledge into practice!

Why are you a Data Girl?
I want to be able to inspire, disseminate & inform more girls & non-binary about the opportunities in an established IT industry. The industry is growing & is a male-dominated place that really needs a female push. I will try to be with & contribute to that. “We are coming for you - IT. "

3 interesting things we didn't know about you?
Traveling everywhere - all the time, incredibly allergic to pineapple (so sorry) & has both Finnish & Japanese passports.

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