Search for DataTjej's board or project group 2019-2020!

Now it is time to apply to the board of DataTjej or the project group for the conference for years to come! Below you can read about what the different roles you can nominate yourself or a friend mean. All nominations will be reviewed and the appointed nomination committee will contact nominees for an interview in the spring.

The closing date for applications is 25: February and admission will be 14: April.

We look forward to your nomination!

Make your application directly or read more about the entries below.

All items have a close cooperation with each other, but the Board also works closely with the project team, especially with regard to companies, graphic profile and marketing of the association. We like to see that there are several on certain items, both members and in project members to facilitate the work.

Board of Directors


The chairman is the person who is ultimately responsible for the association and the decisions that are made in the association. In this role, one should lead and distribute the work, be responsible for making decisions taken at the association's meetings and at the end of the financial year, sign an activity report. It is the Chairman who will lead the Board's operations going forward and also convene for Board meetings and annual meetings. As a person, the chairman should be responsive, dare to handle conflicts and make decisions. Apply for this rewarding role and get the chance to meet many new people you might otherwise never have met!

Vice Chairman

As the Chairman's right hand, Vice acts as a ball board and pillar that should also step in at the Chairman's absence. The Vice Chairman may also have a different area of ​​responsibility depending on the distribution of tasks and interests, read more on the distribution of tasks under the heading Member below.


A treasurer is responsible for the association's finances and shall continuously check the association's accounts and accounting. It may be good if you have previous experience with treasurer assignments, but that is not a requirement. So if you like numbers and finances, you should definitely apply to become DataTjej's next treasurer! An essential role that no one can do without in an association!


As a member, you will have a central role in the Board's daily work. The members have their own or shared responsibilities and these are nominated at the same time as the board positions. The various areas of responsibility are Business, IT and Web, Member, Child and Youth, Information and Deputy. The business manager is an overall post that is strongly linked to other members and requires close cooperation.

Business Manager

As a business manager, you keep in touch with many companies and partners. This role involves the responsibility of ensuring that events are held with companies during the year in all cities in which DataTjej operates. We would like to see two business leaders sharing the responsibility. So if you like to be in contact with companies and organize events, the business manager is definitely a role for you!

IT and webmaster

In this role, all login information and mail account for the board and the project group are handled. You are also responsible for the website and the FTP server. It can be an advantage to have experience with HTML, php, wordpress and image editing software, but of course it is not a requirement. Apply for this role and learn even more! We would like to see two IT and webmasters sharing the responsibility.

member Responsible

Having the role of member manager means that you are responsible for all members of Data Girl. This is done by managing the email contact with the members, responding to social media posts and managing the member register. So if you like to have close contact with our members then this is for you!

Responsible for children and adolescents

This role creates events for younger girls who are curious about what there are for exciting areas in IT. This role was new last year, and we obviously want to continue this position on the board!


As information manager, you are responsible for the social media in which DataTjej is active and make sure to update information about current or upcoming events. It is also this role that is responsible for the graphic. We would like to see two information managers sharing the responsibility.


The role of the deputy means being part of the work of the board and the association, but also replacing the ordinary member's absence.

The project group (Conference 2020 is held in Linköping)

Please note that it is necessary that applicants to the project group be able to attend kick-offs, meetings and the like in Linköping, and that the applicant is a student.

Project Manager

As project manager, you are responsible for leading the work process for the conference. It is the role of the project manager to support and support the project team in their work and to keep in touch with DataTjej's board. The project manager should be able to have many balls in the air as well as the ability to see the overall picture and solutions to problems that arise during the course of the project. The project manager for the conference project group is a member of the board as an alternate and also participates in their board meetings.

Deputy project manager

This role involves sharing responsibility in the conference's work process with the project manager, which you should work very closely with. The deputy project manager must also step into the project manager's place in the absence of the project.

Finance Manager

As a finance officer, you are responsible for all finances circulating before, during and after the conference. The Finance Manager sets the budget for the entire conference and processes all invoices and agreements that are signed between the companies and the conference. Previous experience in finance facilitates, but is not a requirement for the post.

Participant and logistics manager

As a participant manager, you are responsible for being the link between the participants and the conference. The participant manager takes care of the participant selection and, above all, communicates to the participants. As a logistics manager, you also plan all kinds of transport between premises and the different places visited during the conference.

Deputy and staff manager

As a coffee manager, you organize and plan a snack and lunch during the days of the conference. In the post also lies the responsibility to manage the various official positions needed during the conference.

Enterprise Manager

As a company manager, you maintain all contact with the companies. The conference is based on the various sponsors who support the purpose of the conference and it is the company managers who are working to find these. It is also their responsibility to bring in the companies that give lectures and exhibit at the conference fair. We would like to see that there are several corporate managers who share the responsibility.

Print and communication manager

As the print and communication manager, you manage the website, social media, marketing and all print material for the conference. The main thing is that you think it is fun to be creative, but previous knowledge in the area is an advantage! We are happy to see that there are two print and communication managers who share the responsibility.

event Manager

As the event manager, you plan the various sessions and all the entertainment that takes place during the conference evenings. The evening event is another way of networking the participants under festive circumstances and it is event managers who plan everything in the smallest detail. We would like to see several event managers sharing the responsibility.

Do you have any questions? Send another email we will respond as soon as we can!

2 thoughts on “Search for DataTjej's board or project group 2019-2020!”

  • Hello!

    Can you as a freshman and new-in-work apply for the board group?
    How experienced / inexperienced must you be?

    I intended to apply for an alternate / member namely and worked today as an IT trainee at Vattenfall.


    • Hi Lana,

      you can definitely apply to the board as a new-age and new-in-work life. There is no requirement for experience, but of course it is appreciated.

      We look forward to receiving your application!


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