Sofia Källström

Vice President Sofia Källström

“We want to empower girls and nonbinary to reach their dreams”

What made you want to apply to DataTjej's board?
- I have worked on similar projects in my current workplace but not in anything that works purely for girls and non-binary. When I saw that DataTjej was looking for new board members, I thought I might be able to work with my core values ​​along with other driven girls who want the same direction.

What do you work with?
- I work as an educator in school development at the 2047 Science Center with a focus on digitization and programming. I also meet classes that come to lessons, mainly in programming.

What have you studied?
- I have read the undergraduate program but read courses in technology, programming and most recently child and youth science. I don't really believe in getting ready just because one is graduating. I often feel that I want to know more and then I think it is super fun to read to individual courses.

What's the best thing about Data Girl?
- That we want to empower girls and nonbinary to reach their dreams and to also give them the opportunity to dream the dreams that previous girls and nonbinary have not dared to dream.

What's the most fun thing about your job?
That I am always in the process of developing new ideas, then I have clearer periods of time and then the best thing about my job is my colleagues.

Other interests:
I'm a fantasy nerd, for real. Harry Potter, Sagan of the Rings, Marvel, Star Wars you name it, I know it!