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DataTjej's Job Portal is an opportunity for your company to reach more women and non-binary in IT. By hiring women and non-binary to your company, you join and work for a more equal IT industry.

Who do you reach out to? Data Girl has about 2000 members spread throughout Sweden. Everyone with different skills and interests in IT.

Who can advertise? Companies and organizations that have a clear focus on the IT industry and that comply with DataTjejs advertiser conditions.

  • 30 days, 1 500 KR
  • 60 days, 3 000 KR
  • 90 days, 6 000 KR
  • 6 months, 9 000 kr

To see what else applies when buying ads see ours ConditionsIf you want to buy more ads please contact us at we put together a package price.

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