Michaela Bostrand

micahela bostrand

"The best thing about DataTjej is all the amazing people who work together to promote the place of women and non-binaries in the IT industry"

Name: Michaela Bostrand
Board Post: Vice Chairman

What made you want to apply to DataTjej's board?
In December 2019, I completed a trainee program where I was very actively involved in various initiatives for three years, which gave me more taste to continue to be involved even after this. I had met DataTjej's board during several events we had at the company and felt that the association stands for something that I think is very important. My sister was on the board last year and encouraged me to apply, which I am super happy because I did because now I get to work with super lovely people around an issue I am passionate about!

What do you study or work with?
I work as a Microsoft 365 consultant at a company called Forefront Consulting. The role means that I primarily work with Microsoft's productivity tools within Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), where I help customers implement these tools, drive change management linked to this to get the business involved in using the tools and help customers build intranets with starting point in SharePoint.

What's the best thing about Data Girl?
The best thing about DataTjej is all the amazing people who work together to promote the place of women and non-binaries in the IT industry. I am proud to belong to this group, because I think that DataTjej stands for something important and everyone who works with this enables the association's purpose and goals.

What is the most fun thing about your studies / work?
The most fun thing about the consulting profession is that you get to test different industries, different roles and different projects, so it never gets boring! I also appreciate working with change management so that I can be involved and ensure that the desired effects of, in my case, the introduction of Microsoft 365 are realized. It suits me very well to work on the border between IT and business and help them to set requirements and communicate with each other so that everyone is satisfied.

What other interests do you have?
In addition to work and DataTjej, I like most things, I have a tendency to change hobby with the season. Most of all I like hobbies that I can share with my husband and with friends. The hobby that has been around the longest at the moment is golf and my book circle which I started two years ago. Right now I also like frisbee golf, tennis and being in nature. Then nothing goes up against a good series or book to snuggle down on the couch with!

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