Data Girl of the Month: Sanni Nyström

Name: Sanni Nyström
Age: 26 years
Workplace: Zington formerly Claremont
Studied: Interaction Design, Stockholm University
Active year: 2018/2019
Role in DataTjej: IT & Webmaster

Can you tell us how you ended up at your workplace and what your duties are?

During my fiscal year on the Board, DataTjej had a project with Claremont to develop DataTjej's job portal. I then got in very good contact with Felicia Falck, who is the CEO of Claremont's trainee program Accelerate and that was the way. Claremont is a consulting company where I am employed as a UX designer, my work varies a lot, but for the most part I work on facilitating user tests and designing prototypes.

Why did you get involved with DataTjej and what role did you have?

I got involved as an IT & webmaster in Data Girl because I found that the association was working on something that was important to me, to promote the interest in IT in women and non-binary. I had some experience of association life before and felt that I could really help make Data Girl even better.

What is your best memory of your time at DataTjej?

The quirky atmosphere and community you could feel during each conference and event.

Say three things we didn't know about you / describe you as a character:

  • I love to ski, the feeling of freedom when skiing and riding is among the best there is.
  • I am a problem solver out at my fingertips, which is quite grateful as I often manage to clean up when I am traveling and need to solve the problem creatively. You can't just give up.
  • I like to get involved and be involved and influence. Besides Data Girl, I have also been very involved in the student union DISK and it has been so very fun and rewarding. Although voluntary commitment swallows a lot of time, it is incredibly energizing once you get to see the result of one's work.

  • Tell 3 tips for girls who want to study IT related topics!

  • Dare to try it out! There is so much to plug into IT that it is more or less impossible to know if the education you found is right. The only way you can actually get an answer to this is by trying, and if it turns out to be wrong then you have learned a little more about what feels wrong or maybe through that education found an education that feels right.
  • If you have questions, they will probably be best answered by someone who has actually plugged in the training, see if you know someone who knows someone and contact them or check if there is a Facebook group for that program and ask your questions there.
  • Join Data Girl! You do not have to study or work in IT to be a member of Datatjej, all that is required is an interest! In DataTjej you can then get inspiration and inspiration for plugging or working in IT.
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