DataTjej of the Month: Sakura Orihara

Name: Sakura Orihara
Age: 25
Workplace: SEB
Studied: Digital marketing
Active year: 2018 / 2019 & 2019 / 2020
Role in DataTjej: Head of Digital Marketing & Nominating Committee

Can you tell us how you ended up at your workplace and what your duties are?

How I ended up at SEB is something I ask myself every day. What a wonderful workplace and what wonderful people I get to work with. I was at the end of my education and felt I wanted to get into a trainee job. I searched several different programs, but did not really feel that it clicked, as it did with SEB. I chose to invest my all for the trainee service at SEB, which proved worth every second.

My title is Tech Trainee Digital Channel Specialist which can be emulated in a product owner role. My work currently focuses on getting a better overview of SEB and the technical areas we work with. I also work with a so-called Trainee Business Challenge, where we have the opportunity to solve a real problem that SEB needs help to solve. In the project, I work with UX, product development and project management, to name just a few of my many areas of work. My role requires a strong focus on the area of ​​competence that I work with, as much as I need to have a good customer perspective and develop with the customer rather than for them.

Why did you get involved with DataTjej and what role did you have?

During my first year through my education, I had heard a lot about Pink Programming and all its possible initiatives (which is absolutely fantastic and they do a great job), but didn't really feel that was where I felt at home. So I searched and found Data Girl ... and there I was. I stand behind their values ​​and appreciate that all different roles in IT are welcome. I found home quite simply and got the chance to work with amazing people who wanted to spread the same message as me - inspiring other girls and non-binary.

What is your best memory of your time at DataTjej?

Oh, there are so many incredible memories I got to share with Data Girl. The event is just so spot on. However, my best memory is still the kick-off we had on the board. Get a network of its kind and understand how many we are actually out there who are passionate about IT and above all work hard to increase interest. Show that we are several who are behind you who are passionate about IT as much as we are. And now I know that you would only mention a best memory from Data Girl, but believe it or not it is so difficult that I just have to mention one event I will not forget late, which is the Nordnet event. Several women were inspired to tell us that there are so many interests in IT, that it is not just one thing but extremely much. That even though it is a male-dominated industry, pitfalls of its like, we are all there. Fighting into the last.

Say three things that describe you as a character:

- High ambition - I work more than happy to work 24 hours a day with something I am passionate about.
- Cheese - yes, it's a huge addiction. But wouldn't refuse chips and popcorn either.
- You know people who have to climb up on stands at, for example, ICA or any other grocery store. If you see such a person, it is probably me. You come a long way with 1,53 cm but sometimes it is a bit difficult at the top.

Choose 3 things you bring from computer girl!

Friendship by its like, network by its like and last but not least what a tremendous experience to try to give inspiration to several girls and non-binary to follow their dreams in IT.

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