DataTjej of the Month: Patricia Ilin

Name: Patricia Ilin
Age: 31
Workplace: Looking for a job!
Studied: Master in digital leadership at the University of Gothenburg

Active year: 2017 / 2018 and 2018 / 2019
Role in DataTjej: Local business manager and chairman

Can you tell us how you ended up at your workplace and what your duties are?
I took my masters degree now in June so I'm in full swing when it comes to applying for a job! The dream is to work in management and digital transformations, but the way there will probably go via business analyst job or some similar role!

Why did you get involved with DataTjej and what role did you have?
When I started my master's I realized that it was important to be able to network as much as possible in general, and to find a community of like-minded individuals with a technology and IT interest. I was introduced to the association by a then local business manager and since then I have been both local business manager in Gothenburg and chairman of the association under 2018 / 2019.

What is your best memory of your time at DataTjej?
I will never forget my first conference I was at 2018, which was absolutely magnificent considering that Data Girl celebrated her 20 year anniversary and then active girls worked hard to create an unforgettable celebration. I have never met so many new people full of enthusiasm and energy as during the conference days.

Say three things we didn't know about you / describe you as a character:
1) In addition to an equal society and workplace, one of my passions in life is the climate issue.
2) At a younger age, I struggled with my shyness, but since then I have exposed myself to both service jobs and the chairmanship role to get me out of my comfort zone.
3) I love meditation and hiking!

3 things that will stay with you from your experience with Datatjej
All the wonderful people I met and collaborated with during my two years and the experiences they brought.
Creating equality requires a lot of work and determination, but is possible if you want.
You can do more than you think!

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