Date Girl of the Month: Nora Navér

Name: Norah Navér
Age: 24 years
Workplace: Studying
Studying: MSc in Information Technology at Uppsala University

Active year: 2018/2019
Role in DataTjej: member Responsible

Can you tell us how you ended up in your education and what you could work on after graduating?
I study MSc in IT at Uppsala University. But now in my fourth year, I will be going on an exchange to Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. There I will read my first year of my master's in software development.

I was interested in engineering education already when I took the student from high school but that it became precisely IT oriented after I had the opportunity to get an internship through the technology leap and during my internship was introduced to programming. I thought this was very fun and was curious to learn more in IT.

You can work with lots of different after graduation! For example, developers, product development, requirements analysis or system design. Many people, I think, work as IT consultants after graduation.

Why did you get involved with DataTjej and what role did you have?
I became involved in Data Girl as I stand behind the association's values ​​and because I wanted to meet and be inspired by other girls as well as non-binary with the same interest as me. I also really appreciate DataTjej's events very much and wanted to contribute to the association myself.
I held the post of member responsible, which mainly means being the association's contact with the members, answering questions and sending out information, etc.

What is your best memory of your time at DataTjej?
My best memory is from the conference 2019 in Umeå. It was very educational and energizing to participate and I met a lot of inspiring members. Also think it was fun to see that everyone had very different interests in IT, that the subject is not just about one thing but has a lot of different directions.

During the conference, I thought it was cool to see how many girls and non-binary we are actually studying IT. Not just by seeing all the participants, but also by seeing how big the search pressure at the conference was.

Say three things we didn't know about you / describe you as a character:
I am a dedicated AIK fan, tacos fanatic and my favorite animal is elephant.

Name two things that are on your bucket list!
Climb Kebnekaise and see a North London derby at Emirates!

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