DataTjej of the Month: Lisa Ryrholm

Age: 33
Workplace: Avensia
Pluggat: Chalmers Information Technology + Leisure Manager line

Active year: 2008-2013
Roll i DataTjej: Project Member Conference DataTjej 2009, Treasurer on the Board 2010-2011 and Chairman of the Board 2012-2013.

Can you tell us how you ended up at your workplace and what your duties are?
After studying and working in Gothenburg for a few years, a few years ago I thought it was time to move back home. So took my pick and pack, moved up to Stockholm. I was fortunate then to just have to think that I wanted a new job. So then a recruiter called and offered me an interview with the comment: "I know you live in Gothenburg but I have a company here in Stockholm that I think would suit you". I gave the interview a chance, and when the recruiter (unbound to companies) discovered that I really wanted a job in Stockholm, he fixed another 5 interviews in a week. However, in the end, I finally accepted the first job.

The people who attracted there were that I was allowed to continue working as a consultant, but unlike my job I had in Gothenburg, I now had to sit in-house in project team with my colleagues instead of alone at a client. Incredibly fun, but the company itself was less fun. Never liked big companies with bureaucracy and rules that limit the development of skills.

So when one of my former colleagues one day contacted me and said he had just started working at Avensia. So he said that "I have found a job that is perfect for you", which of course made me a little curious. It took a while before I got shot and got an interview, but after that I quickly became convinced that this would suit me like the hand in the glove and had signed on within a week.

So today I work at Avensia and have the title Commerce System Developer, which means that I work with the development of webshops and the surrounding project management system. Where we take home entire assignments from different customers and work in a close partnership to develop and improve their webshops.

The work is very varied and I work as a full stack developer (both frontend in Reactoch C # as backend). And in my current project, I have also become a Lead Developer, which is incredibly fun and evolving to make sure everyone in the team works towards the same goal.

Why did you get involved with DataTjej and what role did you have?
There are many reasons why I chose to get involved DataTjej. In the beginning, I thought it was a cool thing to meet other girls and increase the networking and inspiration between us. After a while, I also saw the value in getting more girls to want to apply to the IT world. My big focus has always been on networking and making sure that the girls who have found their way into the IT world thrive and want to stay.

Since I have been active for almost 5 years, I have had time for a few different items. I started by helping to organize the conference in 2009. It was also in connection with that conference that we saw a need to start the association DataTjej, because there was not much to continuity between the conferences and we saw an opportunity to expand the network to so much more than just meeting once a year. Especially since not all the girls who studied IT / Data got a place at the conference.

I therefore joined 2010 on the relatively new board. Where I first sat two years as treasurer and then one year as chairman. During these years, we started holding local events, recruiting our first members and hiring some local representative who could help to hold events even in the cities we had no board member.

It is nothing but with pride I can look back on the ones I have been with and built up now as I look at how big the association has become and see all the activities happening everywhere for all ages around Sweden. Can't help but say "Good job!" To everyone who has been involved with you!

What is your best memory of your time at DataTjej?
It's hard to pinpoint the best memory because I have so many. But the ones I mainly bring with me are all fun meetings and friends for the life I have gained through all the events I have been to and arranged.

Say three things we didn't know about you / describe you as a character:
I love challenges both at work and at leisure, which has meant that in recent years I focused on driving a motorcycle and climbing at leisure.
On the question "What do you get when you grow up?" I have always answered "Bigger". This has to do with the fact that I was always short when I stopped growing after I reached 155cm. But also that I always wanted to be greater in terms of knowledge and to share the knowledge with others.
All right, the money on Friday. Always loved to organize and have easy to keep track of many things at the same time as I often think the step longer to prepare so that the next thing that needs to be done is sneaking on well instead of coming up obstacles on the road.Have also always liked to teach things to others and share my knowledge. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me if it is something you want to check out or just have a lunch or coffee to expand your network.

What is the most important thing to consider when coming to a new workplace?
Take the opportunity to ask many questions. Every time you come to a new workplace or project, it is a new domain to get to know. Even a senior person is a beginner for a short period so there are no stupid questions in the beginning. Without asking, you quickly get into work instead of getting stuck and stomping.

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