DataTjej of the Month: Lia Karida

Name: Lia Karida
Age: 24 years
Workplace: Part-time employee at Sigma Connectivity
Plugs: MSc in Information and Communication Technology, Lund University of Technology

Active year: 2015 / 2016
Role in Data Girl: Logistics and Participant Responsible for Data Girl Conference 2016 in Lund

Can you tell us how you ended up in your education and in your workplace?
After high school I felt that I wanted to try something new. My parents encouraged me
to apply to universities and they suggested, among other things, engineer and programming. I had no idea what those two things meant, but started to look up the various civil engineering programs that were available at LTH. Read: I was looking for the civil engineering program that contained least physics, because it was not a subject I was directly fond of. sounded super cool! So it got to be! I have always had some involvement alongside the studies. After basically trying everything in Lund's student life, the interest began to be transferred to business and industry. Have had about five hours of work in parallel at most. Later this spring, however, I work part-time at Sigma Connectivity in Lund. I met an employee at the school's trade fair in November last year, after which I was offered an internship which quickly transitioned to a part-time position as a Software Developer. I am very grateful for this opportunity to try to practice my knowledge that I learned in school during my studies. To have the chance to join a team and work with a product for a real customer. A little scary, but incredibly educational!

Why did you get involved with Data Girl and what post did you have?
The first time I came in contact with DataTjej was during my second year at university when I sat on the board of the girl association in my section. A contact person between the girls' association and DataTjej, who passed the grade, had told about DataTjej's fantastic network throughout Sweden and the conference. I don't think I really understood that we were so few girls nationally studying data and IT, somehow I managed to think it just happened to be my vintage when I started at LTH. It may seem naive, but soon afterwards I realized that the business community needs more diversity and how important it is that we girls support each other and dare to take a place both in the school environment and in the workplace. Therefore, it felt like DataTjej was the right forum to get involved in. When it was then time for the conference in Lund, I took the opportunity and applied to the project group as Logistics and Participation Manager. Was very much looking forward to taking part and participating in organizing Sweden's best IT conference for girls and non-binary and all this in my own sweet hometown. It couldn't get any better!

What is your best memory of your time at Data Girl?
My best memory from DataTjej was probably this year when I was at the DataTjej Conference in Stockholm. It turned out that some of the participants from this year's conference had also participated in the conference in Lund. It was super fun to know each other and best of all… we all remembered the meals served during the conference in Lund. After all, the menu always had pea chefs: for starters, main courses and we even got to taste peashock ice cream, crazy!

Say three things we didn't know about you / describe you as a character:
 Greek and Greece are my passion. Writes, speaks and reads fluent Greek. Has a large family and a dog named Apollo. Have even currently Greece on my mobile shell! Could it be more Greek? Haha!
 I strongly dislike having the citrus smell on my hands, I prefer my hands to smell onions / garlic.
 A non-profit that I am proud of is that I was involved in developing the registration app for "The Call" for the Lund carnival 2018. Over 5000 students managed to register the same day where we had an average flow of about 1000 students / hour and the whole system passed the task without any errors. It was tough!

Tell 3 tips for girls who want to plug it related topics!

  1. Dare to try
  2. Dare to ask
  3. We are a lot of people who are happy to help, so just drive on. You go girl!

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