DataTjej of the Month: Dorna Garagol

Name: Dorna Garagol
Age: 25
Workplace: Global Graduate at Volvo Cars
Pluggat: Bachelor of Systems Science and Master of IT Management from University of Gothenburg
Active year: 2017-2018
Role in Data Girl: Alternate member of the Board

Can you tell us how you ended up at your workplace and what your duties are?

I am one of 54 Global Graduates at Volvo Cars, I applied to Volvo precisely because the company's values ​​and culture are in line with mine but also because the automotive industry is undergoing a very big change right now which I think is very fun and exciting. The graduate program I chose to apply for because you get the opportunity to make rotations within the company and then get a holistic view - thus learning exciting things and meeting people you might not otherwise have been able to.

In my first rotation as a Graduate I am at a part of the company called Consumer & Enterprise Digital - we work with IT both internally and out to the customer, specifically I am currently working with internal IT. After the turn of the year, I will do a rotation and be on a completely different part within the company to test something new for a few months.

Why did you get involved with DataTjej and what role did you have?

I felt right at school when I studied System Science that there was a snow distribution of men and women in the area both at school and at the companies, I asked myself how I could be involved in influencing and changing. Then an engagement in DataTjej became a matter of course for me, I attended my first event and immediately felt a community and a desire to be involved and influence and also grow DataTjej as an organization. I was an alternate member of the board and was involved in doing a little bit of everything.

What is your best memory of your time at DataTjej?

There are several best memories - An obvious best memory is the conference week in Stockholm which was incredibly fun and rewarding. I met so many smart, funny, wonderful Data Girls there. The whole week was packed with lots of fun companies, activities and a mass tasting with good food and coffee. I've probably never gotten as much in my entire life as during that week ...

Say three things we didn't know about you / describe you as a character:

I organize ALLLTTT - notes, refrigerators, notes, wardrobes, apps, mailboxes. I organize everything that can be organized, I love to make things more efficient and I like finding smart solutions - the more organized it is, the faster it is often possible to do things and find the right one!

I find it very fun to train and compete. I like to challenge myself when it comes to training, I always try to push myself an extra mile when I run or a few extra pounds when I'm in the gym.

I love traveling and experiencing other cultures - especially meeting new people. I get just as curious every time I get somewhere and it doesn't even feel like I'm on the same planet anymore, it's fantastic. My dream destination that I would like to visit right now is the Amazon rainforest.

What is your best interview trick?

I have been to quite a few interviews since I also worked extra at different companies during my studies. My best trick is simply - be yourself !!! For me it was important that I ended up in the right company, then it must feel good for both parties and the only way to know it is to be yourself. Also read about the company and the culture and find out if the company shares the same values ​​as you. As much as they interview you, you interview them. You spend a lot of time at your workplace with your colleagues so for me it was and is incredibly important that I got a good picture of the company and my future colleagues.

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