DataTjej of the Month: Amanda Dahlin

Amanda Dahlin

Name: Amanda Dahlin
Age: 27
Workplace: Netlight
Studied: Master of Science in Interaction & Design, Umeå University
Active year: 2016/2017
Role in DataTjej: IT and webmaster

Can you tell us how you ended up at your workplace and what your tasks are for
During the training we read a wonderful mix of backend programming, web development,
design, psychology, ux, app development and much more. I discovered that there is so much
fun in IT you can do so I felt the consulting role was right for me. That way could
I get the opportunity to work in roles in different industries! The fact that it became Netlight is probably the most important factor
all fantastic colleagues, but also on the support you have from the network and how we help
each other to develop.

Right now I'm on a mission where I have both the role of front end developer and UX-
designer, a super fun combination!

Why did you get involved with DataTjej and what role did you have?
I had very poor control of data and IT myself and had barely seen a number of code before
started training. But during the training, I realized how creative it was
programming, that you can have an idea and then implement it! I also realized the importance
of good ux, and how it can determine whether or not to use a service / product.
The greater my own interest became, the more sinful it felt that there were no more women
work in the industry and I wanted to give back and show the opportunities and how fun it is with
technology, data and IT! The post I had was IT and webmaster.

What is your best memory of your time at DataTjej?
Apart from the opportunity to meet other awesome girls in IT at conferences and events
It is great fun to plan activities together with driven people on the board
collaborations to highlight what opportunities exist in the industry.

Say three things we didn't know about you / describe you as a character:
- Team player, realized that I have been doing team sports for more than 20 years!
- Likes when things go fast and things happen
- Loves to create things, in all possible forms - everything from painting paintings to renovating at home or
tap code

3 tips for girls who want to plug it related topics:
Dare to ask for help and be curious to give yourself the conditions to learn that way
as much as possible. Google is a trusted friend when it comes to programming!
- The IT industry is so creative, and with programming, only your imagination sets limits
- Believe in yourself, if you want you can!

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