Lisa nilsson

"Have liked what DataTjej stands for and has been doing ever since my first event I was at"

Name: Lisa nilsson
Board Post: Cashier

What made you want to apply to DataTjej's board?
Have liked what DataTjej stands for and has been doing since my first event I was at and with my commitment I want to contribute and develop the association so it gets even better!

What do you study or work with?
Studying a YH education in web development.NET CMS at Nackademin to complete my master's degree in economics with a little IT.

What's the best thing about Data Girl?
The opportunity to meet other girls in IT to exchange experiences and make contacts. This in combination with meeting, networking and listening to interesting lectures with various companies in the industry is the core and the best thing about DataTjej.

What is the most fun thing about your studies / work?
That it is so practical which suits me perfectly when it comes to programming because you need to wear it to be good at it.
You feel that you are constantly evolving and learning something new every day which is fun and motivating.

What other interests do you have?
Exercise (both gym and golf), travel, eat, eat and cook and meet friends (new and old).

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