IT conference

Each year, DataTjej organizes one of Sweden's largest IT conferences for women and non-binary students of IT / data. The DataTjej conference is held every year among Sweden's largest universities where the aim is to get to know women around the country, network and get inspiration from women who are already active in the industry, and in 2020 it is Uppsala's turn. The goal of the conference is to find role models, get girls to continue studying IT / data and create opportunities to find future workplaces. The conference helps to create a network of contacts all over Sweden, which is a great help in strengthening the relationship. In the long run, this will promote a more equal workplace and the IT industry will be more inclusive.

Registration for the conference is open and in order to participate you must be a member of Data Girl. Registration is done on the conference website. Do you want to become a member? Then you should click here!

The conference lasts three full days at the beginning of the year with inspiring lectures, student sessions and lots of coffee. To participate you pay a fee of 500 SEK and this includes accommodation, food, activities and much more. An ordinary day starts early in the morning and usually includes lectures or workshops and has lots of coffee breaks and lunch. Then you go home and rest before it is time for dinner and usually you have a session where you get the chance to make contacts with more lovely DataTjejer.