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Win two hours of coaching DataTjejs Instagram, In collaboration with MindIt Consulting

Are you unsure about that education? Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself to go to work? Are you tired of the glass roof? Do you want to build a "fuck-off capital"?

A competition is currently underway on our Instagram (@datatjej) in collaboration with Sophia Clausen at MindIT Consulting. Below is information on how coaching works and a short presentation about Sophia. Join in the competition too, the winners will be announced on December 22!

This is an opportunity for you to want to maximize your potential, invest in your dreams and live life to the fullest. For two hours, we explore together what life you long for and create a powerful vision of life. With your deepest motivation as the engine for your personal and professional development in both the short and long term, you lay the foundation for a more meaningful and richer life.

Coaching is a thought-provoking process where you find ways forward in a structured form. It fits both small and large goals. Examples when life coaching is a good fit:

🌱 Do not really know where you are going in your life or career
🌱 Want to make a powerful change or break negative patterns
🌱 Want to plan a career or re-saddle

From the coaching session you get with you:

  • Powerful tools for lasting change
  • Inspiration for life (even the dark moments)
  • Insights about yourself and your capacity
  • For those who then want to continue working with their life plan in a coached form, there is a favorable offer.

    Sophia Clausen, IT Consultant in sustainability issues and certified coach

    About Sophia Clausen, IT Consultant in sustainability issues and certified coach

    I have been a professional in IT since 1998 in various technical and leading roles. As a young IT technician, I experienced the famous wall and have tried both stress management, rehab and restarting an IT career with cognitive limitations.

    Throughout my career, I have since worked both in positions such as data recovery engineer and as a successful consultant and IT operations manager at reputable companies. I have combined children and IT jobs, been involved in starting successful e-commerce companies, difficult reorganisations, introduced agile methods, had stressed managers, hit the glass ceiling and coordinated thousands of occasions of small and large incidents in software and infrastructure, both nationally and internationally.

    During these years, I have become increasingly interested in the people who produce and manage IT and the working conditions that arise in a slim organization with homogeneous governance. This made me start my own company in the autumn of 2019 to focus on issues such as social and global sustainability and inclusion in IT. In the spring of 2020, I trained as a coach according to ICF to more powerfully help people and organizations to lasting change.

    It is with great pleasure that I look forward to coaching the IT women of the future to powerful actions!

    Read more about ICF here:
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