Ester Kylmänen

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“I like the business and that DataTjej stands for!"

Name: Ester Kylmänen
Board Post: IT & Webmaster

What made you apply DataTjejs board?
I like the business and that DataTjej stands for. I wanted to be a part of DataTjej to help make it even better!

What do you study or work with?
I am studying MSc in IT at Uppsala University.

What is the best thing about DataTjej?
The best with DataTjej I think are the events and the conference! I like the events because they provide the opportunity to meet girls who work in the industry who can share their experiences and give tips for working life. The conference is many events at the same time, mixed with other fun. Intense, but very fun and rewarding!

What is the most fun thing about your studies / work?
The most fun thing about studying is student life and all the friends I have experienced student life with!

What other interests do you have?
Likes to hang out with friends, train and do small embroidery projects.

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