Datatjej launches one of Sweden's first Job portals for girls and non-binary in the IT industry!

Data Girl wants to create a more equal IT industry and increase understanding between business and technology-interested girls and non-binary. Where we want to be for both companies as members of the job search and the recruitment process. With this project we want to inspire and motivate girls and non-binary to look for jobs in IT, make them understand their value and that they are sought after in the industry. We want to create an understanding of how companies can work towards having a more equal recruitment and understand how companies can attract girls and non-binary to apply.

Therefore, DataTjej in collaboration with Claremont has developed a Job Portal that will increase gender equality in the industry.

Data Girl is a non-profit organization that works to promote girls and non-binary people of all ages who are interested in IT and data. We strive to improve the relationship and understanding between our members and the business community, as well as DataTjejer in between. Today, DataTjej has over 2700 members all over Sweden, where there is an immense amount of expertise and drive.

The Job Portal was based on the idea of ​​increasing the membership value of DataTjej's members and creating a more equal IT industry. We also wanted to create a place where companies can actively work for an equal opportunity industry. Where companies are offered a service where they can actively advertise exclusively against the underrepresented target group, with the hope of also understanding how we can actively work to attract more people. The service will be completely free for our members, but companies will pay per ad.

To realize the idea, we at DataTjej together with our friends Claremont during the autumn developed the Job Portal which took 14 weeks to implement. Where Claremont has assisted with project managers, developers and testers from Claremont Accelerate, the company for young professionals.

In conjunction with a launch event that will take place on 12 December, the Job Portal will be released live on DataTjej's website. Where the event is about inviting both employees and employers to create a better understanding between each other through joint discussions and much more.

The event will be open to DataTjej's members and there will also be places for companies in the IT industry. Registration for our members will be released during week 47 and already companies can register their interest on our website. A limited number of seats will be released to both members and companies.

Through #HireDataTjej we hope to highlight companies that work for gender equality and through #WeAreDataTjej we want to highlight different roles within the industry and show what competence exists with our members.

Erika Thunstedt, Business Manager for DataTjej
073-083 89 84

Sakura Orihara, Information Manager for Data Girl.
076-555 68 38

Tharanga Kulamithra, Marketing Manager Claremont
070-587 50 80

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