Amanda Björneskog

Business Manager Amanda Björneskog

"I want to keep peppering girls and making them look desirable and cruel!"

What made you want to apply to DataTjej's board?
- I was the member responsible for 2015 / 2016. Since then I have been missing out on being involved with Data Girl because it is so much fun! Have worked in IT for almost three years and did not know that one can get involved even as a working person. When I found out, I searched immediately!

When I first came into contact with Data Girl, I had a hard time with my education. Self-confidence was at the bottom. After my first Data Girl conference, I had become so peppered with all the girls in my place that my motivation came back and the dates after that went like a dance!

I want to continue peppering girls and making them look that they are sought after and cruel!

What do you work with?
Consultant at ÅF, right now I am on assignment as Developer and Scrum Master at E.ON.

What have you studied?
Software Engineering at BTH in Karlskrona

What's the best thing about Data Girl?
All girls you get in touch with. They all have such wonderful energy and always share tips and advice, or are there and only listen if you need it!

What's the most fun thing about your job?
That I get the chance to learn so much new and continue to develop. It is also a confidence to be a consultant, should I not like a job or feel that I want to test something new, then just change. But I can feel confident that I have a good employer in my back.

Other interests:

Music and song, also like to check out comics.

Something you want to add?
- I find security and integrity very interesting, so my question to you is:
1. How do you approach information sharing, e.g. from social media or search engines?
2. Is online privacy important?