Amanda Bergström

Child and youth responsible Amanda Bergström

"It's wonderful to be part of a community that works with something so important"

What made you want to apply to DataTjej's board?
My first year on the board was incredibly educational and fun, so I chose to sit for another year to continue working towards an equal data / IT industry. It is important that we inspire and motivate girls and non-binary already at a young age, to break the stereotypes and prejudices that prevail. Technology development is something everyone should be a part of!

What do you study or work with?
I work as an administrator / projector in telecommunications.

What have you studied?
I graduated from high school last year, and read at the Technology Program with the focus on Information & Media Technology.

What's the best thing about Data Girl?
All wonderful members and the board! I have met many smart and cool Data Girls during my year, both on the board and at events. It's wonderful to be part of a community that works with something so important!

What's the most fun thing about your job / studies?
The most fun thing about studying during high school was being able to program, it was something I had never tested before and fell for straight away. At my current workplace, my computer skills have been of great advantage. I love looking for new solutions and working methods that can streamline our work through digitalisation!

Other interests:
I love being out at sea with the boat, watching horror movies and hanging out with my cat!