Alexandra Granström

Information Manager Alexandra Granström

“Data Girl is an association that has motivated and inspired me before”

What made you want to apply to DataTjej's board?
Data Girl is an association that has motivated and inspired me before, and I wanted to take the opportunity to join this association to develop, gain more experience and get to know new lovely people.

What do you study or work with?
I work as a physiotherapist, but chose to change course and am now studying Market Communication and IT at Stockholm University.

What's the best thing about Data Girl?
That they work actively for gender equality in IT. To motivate girls and non-binary to take a place in IT and to participate and influence even at younger ages!

What is the most fun thing about your studies?
I went in with the attitude that many others also did that read my education, that the Advertising / PR part would be the most fun. But no, I think programming has been by far the most fun course, and nowadays I am trying to learn new languages ​​myself because it is so fun.

Other interests:
I love to wave surf, ffa cold-water surf (maybe because there is no alternative 😉 in both Sweden and Norway. I also like climbing and other training in all its forms!